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      September 15 , 2015
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      Finding cause or solution for infertility
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    • Description We've been having trouble getting children for about 6 years now. Some years ago, we started the medical procedures, that is: we did the diagnosis stuff. Before that, my wife was on birth control using a copper IUD. Basically the outcome of that was: everything works, it should be okay. That is: sperm was okay, the ovaries of my wife are okay, there's ovulation, time between periods is fine, etc. Because we were already trying for quite some time, they also offered us IVF as a 'magic bullet' solution. We declined the IVF procedures. We're not okay with forcing childbirth through medical procedures if we don't know what's going on - and everything should be in working order according to the investigations. For all we know, there could be a medical root cause that we don't know anything about at this moment. Don't get me wrong, if there's a medical root cause and IVF solves it, we're perfectly happy with using that - but now we don't know what the root cause is so we're not willing to solve it like this. We tried acupuncture, did some DIY tests (mixed results), etc. My latest plan is to put matters more into our own hands, by doing all the tests ourselves and figuring out what's good and what's not. That said, that'll only work for simple tests, so alternatives are very welcome. Our problem is simple: we want children. We're willing to do any test, procedure, etc -- as long as we know what it is we're solving. Money is completely irrelevant. What we're looking for is diagnosis, things we can do ourselves to figure this out, possible investigations, etc. -- Medical information of my wife -- - No medication - No overweight; she's approx 19 BMI - Pretty regular periods; normally between 40-44 days. There are some exceptions. According to my wife, the acupuncture we tried made here periods more regular. - The echo shows that she's ovulating. - Abdominal pain during menstruation; not extreme though, she can easily manage. - 1.75 height. - No known medical issues past/present. (Only exception was a skin fungus, which should be dead again) - There's different kinds of cancer in her family, most noteworthy her mother died of cervical cancer. -- Both of us -- - We're not vegetarians, although we don't eat a lot of meat (an average of 100 grams a day would be a lot). We try to eat very healthy, usually seasonal, eco/bio food, preferably directly from a farmer. - We're both not very stressful people. I haven't felt stress for years; my wife is very empthatic so that sometimes gives a little stress - but nothing serious. - We both do sports a couple of times a week.
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      We don't know what the root cause is of the problem.