• sleep Mark (Case 128, Posted: January 11, 2014)

    As a youngster I would have no problem falling asleep at the end of the day. Since about a year I somtetimes lay awake for hours, but mostly at least one hour. I am not more worried, work is going fine, but I do have more and more trouble waking up in the morning.

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  • fatique Mark (Case 123, Posted: October 23, 2013)

    Since several weeks I am more tired. I sleep more than usual and wake up tired. I have not changed any of my medication and my diet has not changed.

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  • Tired Mark (Case 40, Posted: September 14, 2013)

    For months I've been increasingly tired, rather, exhausted. I sleep only 2-4 hours per night and occasionally dose off in the afternoon for no more than 20mins. There are no reasons I can pin point. I hardly drink caffeine, i.e. soft drinks or coffee, alcohol is limited to once a week on average, it is dark in my room and there ... Read More