• Stomach pain Pretpook (Case 294, Posted: September 15, 2015)

    Basically daily stomach pain (it's manageable, but annoying), approximately 1 cm below the belly. It's a continuous pain, sometimes worse, sometimes less worse. ... Read More

  • Pain right arm (Case 283, Posted: August 28, 2015)

    I've been having an annoying waxing and waning of pain in my lower right arm. There is also often some kind of tingling in the hand. ... Read More

  • Painfull tendon left ankle John4 (Case 277, Posted: August 03, 2015)

    This morning I woke up with a very painfull left ankle tendon. When standing on my left foot the stretch is tender and performing compression elects the same pain but even more severe. ... Read More

  • Painfull joints hands Peter (Case 255, Posted: March 16, 2015)

    The joints one further than my knockels are painfull on both hands. All vife on the left definitely more than the right hand. ... Read More

  • Stomach ache Pat (Case 251, Posted: January 28, 2015)

    On average 10 times per year I have an excruciating pain in my stomach area which diminishes when lying down. Because it was thought to be due to a gastric cause I had a gastroduodenalscopy, but this did not show any pathology. ... Read More

  • Stomach ache Peter (Case 247, Posted: January 09, 2015)

    There is a waxing and waning subtle stomach ache now for several months. I would suggest the symptoms increase when somewhat emotional although this, I don't think, has inreased the last year compared to the previous. ... Read More

  • Shoulderpain Peter (Case 230, Posted: September 30, 2014)

    Pain right shoulder with radiation into my right arm ... Read More

  • shoulderpain Mark (Case 212, Posted: July 27, 2014)

    Since a week I have a terrible pain on my back at the level of my shoulderblade. The pain radiates into my right arm and armpit. Painkillers have limmeted effect. It was suggested the pain is a resolt of sleeping with airconditioning after using my right arm in an unusal way; I went bowling with my children for the first time...? ... Read More