Privacy Policy Diagnosy®

  • Privacy and respect

    Diagnosy® will respect each user's privacy. Anyone using is a user. Mostly users are so-called Questioners and Diagnosers. Questioners are users seeking a diagnosis for their, or other people's symptoms and Diagnosers can be anyone helping to find a diagnosis. is a social platform. Inherent to this there can be communication between all visitors. Although Diagnosy tries to prevent disrespectful interaction between users, users are responsible for their own behaviour.

    Information required for registration will vary depending on registering to be a Diagnoser, a Questioner or other. Personal information, which can locate a user physically or through communication methods like email, texting etc., is not shared without a users' explicit agreement. Medical information within the Diagnosy Health Record (DHR) is as anonymous as the level of information shared by Questioners. Although Diagnosy® will encourage users not to express information that can potentially disrupt their privacy, users are free to post any respectful texts in the appropriate text boxes. As an example, pictures uploaded from smart phones contain more information than most realize and Diagnosy® will express this concern when users upload pictures. Diagnosy® will not restrict users' freedom of sharing information unless it is deemed (potentially) harmful for others.

  • Privacy Diagnosy Health Record (DHR)

    The DHR contains anonymous medical information unless users insert information that jeopardises this. Names, avatars and physical external features which are to specific, together with information on locations, can easily disrupt privacy. Diagnosy® will encourage protecting one's privacy, but users are not actively restricted in communicating openly or sharing private information.

  • Anonymous Information

    Users entering information in Diagnosy® agree by default that their information may be used anonymously with the goal of improving health care in any way. When Diagnosy® wants to share information with external parties not clearly in the interest of improving health care for all, users will be asked explicitly beforehand.

    Anonymous information collected on, i.e. without individual user reference, may be used by Diagnosy® for medical research and health care reform with the interests of patients as their main priority. Others than Diagnosy® may use this anonymous information only after an explicit written confirmation from Diagnosy®.

  • Anonymous information but user specified

    Parties may be interested in additional information on specific users. If users agree on accepting questions or receiving information, Diagnosy® will forward this to their user accounts within (i.e. their registered email-address by default, or other in exceptional circumstances) without unveiling user's identity.

  • Non-anonymous information

    Parties may be interested in information of specific users. This non-anonymous information will not be shared unless users explicitly agree. Exceptions may be made when Diagnosy® is obstructing law through its Privacy Policy.

  • Creating an account

    When you sign in as a user (Diagnoser or Questioner), we collect your email address so that we can reach you for our services.

  • Sharing your cases

    Users are free to disclose Personally Identifiable Information but are advised not to. Uploading images or other data (film, sound tracks etc.) should be done with great care as not to disclose anybody's identity. Diagnosy is not governed by HIPAA and doesn't have a duty to review what users submit.

    Diagnosy® can present cases on any Diagnosy website. E.g., a case posted on can be translated by Diagnosy® and also posted on without additional consent of the Questioner or any other.

  • Third Parties Privacy Rights

    Posting images with third parties on them and without their approval, discords Diagnosy®'s ideas of rightful privacy. Although Users have their own responsibility for their postings and Diagnosy cannot be liable for them, Diagnosy® will remove any third party privacy disrespecting content for which we are notified or Diagnosy® finds out in other ways.

  • Online Automatic Information

    Diagnosy® automatically receives information, e.g. IP addresses, Internet Service provider names, types of web browsers and types of mobile devices, on our online platform. Information gathered here can be used for any improvement of our website and affiliates.

  • Online Forms

    There are forms used on Diagnosy® which may need Personally Identifiable Information.

  • Diagnosy Beta

    Diagnosy® is a start-up with little means. Data safety, including user's Personally Identifiable Information, is a priority of Diagnosy®'s online business. Yet, due to the nature of the Internet and limited means, we cannot guarantee that personal information is protected for one hundred percent. Diagnosy® recommends users to protect passwords and we recommend users log off from the website when not in use.