Terms of Use

  • Our Mission

    Diagnosy® wants to help as many people as possible. More specifically this includes preventing illness or unnecessary progression of disease and diminishing time with unnecessary uncertainty on people's diagnostic paths.

  • Sharing

    When not harming user's privacy everyone is free to share any medical case posted. The more people see questions, the more lightly it will be someone recognises symptoms and through this will fill in the blanks. Diagnosy® is allowed, without additional permission, to share cases on other Diagnosy websites.

  • Respect all in correspondence through Diagnosy®.

    Users are responsible for their writing and their treatment of others. Demeaning treatment and milder forms of disrespect in this public space will be condemned.

    We expect users to inform Diagnosy® through 'Contact Us' under 'About Diagnosy' when and where misconduct is found.

  • Law

    Diagnosy® will not take responsibility for users who violate copyright or other laws. Respect for laws is expected on Diagnosy® from all users.

  • Giving advice

    The advice given by users can be based on recognition in the broadest sense. This may, for example, be personal medical history, medical issues in those around users, professional experience or through study. By definition, none of the information given on Diagnosy® constitutes professional advice.

  • Diagnosis vs. treatment

    All effort is put into finding correct diagnoses on symptoms posted. Treatment advice is reserved for health care professionals who see the patients in their own professional setting. To lay bare some diagnoses it may be necessary to explore responses to suggested tests. Anyone following up these tests is solely responsible for the consequences. Also when diagnostic clues are gathered through tests, it is the responsibility of the ones following up these test suggestions to validate any conclusion with their health care professional without delay.

  • Privacy Policy

    You have read and agreed with Diagnosy's Privacy Policy.

  • Disclaimer

    It is important to realize participating on Diagnosy® is one's own responsibility. You acknowledge that you are not relying on Diagnosy® in any way without seeking help from a health care professional(s). Diagnosy® can not be held liable in any way.